Thursday, April 7, 2011

easter at our house

For the first time ever, I've actually decorated for Easter.  I saw a beautiful wreath on Every Crafty Endeavor and decided I would try to make one for our house.  Well.  It's a wreath, although ECE's wreath actually looks like a wreath, and not like a really fluffy hat one could wear to the upcoming royal wedding.  No muppets were harmed in the creation of this wreath, although I may have some damaged fingerprints due to the hot glue gun.

Sigh. At least the rest of my entryway is rather pretty:
I LOVE the butterfly garland - so easy, and I'm going to put it in our daughter's room after Easter, it's too pretty to tuck away.  I used my Martha Stewart monarch butterfly punch and just used several different papers in pretty pastels (and some glitter too, hee; gotta have the sparkly!).  Inspiration from Running With Glitter, and here's a little better picture of my garland:
I made it so long it goes from the wreath, across the mirror and over to my fabulous Easter subway art, from the always neato eighteen25:
The eighteen25 ladies also inspired our bunny buckets, found at Pier One Imports:
In our daughter's room, a special one just for her:
The buckets are from the always fabulous Target Dollar Spot.  :) I have one more that I'm going to use for a special surprise for my coworkers; I'll post pictures when it's all done! Have a happy Easter!

welcome to the wee sheepie

I like to play with paper, and I like to play with sparkly bits that I eventually make into pretty things that I give away or keep for myself (most of the time I give them away, I like to share the love).  I am by no means a very good crafter, but I do have fun and I can laugh at myself, which is very important when it comes to some of my projects.  Especially the first one I'm going to post in a moment.  Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the blogging world, and have fun laughing with me!  :)