Tuesday, June 28, 2011

before...and after... or, why tutorials are REALLY GOOD

I come home for lunch most of the time, because I'm lucky enough to live close and more often than not I do a blitz grocery shopping trip, then take everything home and put it away.  I have somewhat mastered the art of the 20 minute grocery trip, which is very easy without a three-year-old tagging along.  Tessie does love to shop, that's for sure, but it's just easier to go by myself.  Today, though, I came home and watched a couple of YouTube Copic marker tutorials, and I'm so glad I did!  I'm less intimidated by them now and I really learned a lot.  Want to see just how much?  Here is last night's Experiment with Copic Markers:
Imaginisce Splash Dance collection stamp, using Staz-On ink in Black, Copics RV13 Tender Pink, BG11 MoonWhite, and BG15 Aqua.  I love how sharp and crisp the image turned out, but that was before I learned that Staz-On inkpads are not good friends to your Copics and will discolor the nib.  Oops.  I did check my nibs and no staining at all, although I did notice it was a little more difficult to get the stamp clean after stamping my image.  Cute, but I knew I wasn't doing something right.  I made a quick stop (ha, yeah, right) at Hobby Lobby after work and picked up a Memento ink pad in Tuxedo Black, which is the ink pad recommended for use with Copics.

Here are the links to the tutorials I watched today:

Copic Coloring Basics with Cindy Lawrence

Copic Marker Basics

The first tutorial was the one I really needed to see in order to begin understanding how blending and shading work with Copics, and the second answered a lot of questions, plus gave me a link to the Copic Marker hand color chart, so I don't have to stand in Hobby Lobby trying to look at a picture on my phone of the markers I already have, trying to discern not so clear small print with my not-so-good eyes.  Hey, I did have Lasik, but I'm one of the unlucky few that it didn't work so good on.  Hmph.  Anyways, here is tonight's Experiment with Copics - ta da!  :D
It's still not the most perfect, but oh my goodness what a difference and she's just so CUTE!  Yes, she's got a rhinestone in her flower - I had to bling her out now that she looked so pretty!  A girl's gotta have her bling, right?  :)  I also touched her up a little with my white Gelly Roll pen.  I was so pleased that I tried another, and here she is:

:D  LOVE HER!!  :D I completely and totally understand why people fall in love with these markers; I cannot WAIT to use these on a card or on a layout.  I'll have two opportunities in Tessie's next album for these images - her 2nd birthday party was themed "Under the Sea" and we also went to the beach last year.  I have the whole Splash Dance collection just WAITING to be used!

Moral of the story - tutorials are great (which I know most everyone already knew), especially when you are intimidated.  Thank you for stopping by, and have a blessed day!  :D

I'm going to go color some more... ;)

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