Wednesday, June 1, 2011

updating my space once again

One more quick post - I made two updates (one is still in progress) to my craft area: I moved my laptop in here because it will be easier to upload pictures, update my blog and gets it out of the way, and I discovered Cropper Hoppers.  I love them!  And I'm kicking myself now that I missed the awesome Saturday night ScrapbookSteal that had the Cropper Hopper Paper Cart for $25.00!  Hmph! 
In the process of getting my laptop's surge protector plugged in I knocked two of my Stickles out from under my wall case.  Can I just say that the edges of the silver tray top of that cart are very sharp?  Yes, they are.  :(
I'm still working on organizing my paper into the Cropper Hoppers; even my stickers and Thickers are going to get straightened out!  And ooo, that's my new book - "Haunted Legends", edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas; it just arrived from Amazon today.  I LOVE Ellen Datlow's editing, she puts together some great anthologies and I cannot wait to get into this one!  First things first, though, I need to get ready for the Great American Scrapbook Convention tomorrow - I'm going early to shop with some friends, have lunch and then I've got a class at 1:00; I should probably put together my stuff.  :D 


  1. oh cropper hoppers... how do I love thee??? like- A LOT! :)

    SO JEALOUS you are going to a convention tomorrow!!! I wish we lived close to each other so we could play!

  2. I wish my space was that clean and organized!

  3. gorgeous scrapping space, I have been thinking about moving mine so I have natural light from then window in my scraproom. I just love seeing the natural light on your desk.


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