Saturday, July 2, 2011

a not-very-crafty-but-fun-post...

Warning - this post isn't project related, because after walking with Honey (our dog) at the park and then hosing her down while scrubbing her giving her a bath in the back yard I spent the rest of the day going wedding dress shopping with my wonderful sister-in-law.  We drove all over the place, we had an absolute blast, we found HER beautiful, gorgeous, amazing brand new dress for half off, we found MY dress for $20 (yes, $20, and jewelry too - so I spent $35 total), and I found my new friend, Chubby Chicken:
Isn't he just the CUTEST?  :D  Look at his little pinch-butt!  He is entirely hand-blown glass, and I spotted him at Lula B's Antique Mall in Dallas.  It was love at first sight for me, but I actually left Chubby at first.  Yes, I walked out without my chicken, but I did have this lovely in my possession:
Such a pretty little pin, and I think it will be perfect in my bouquet - one reason we were at Lula B's was to find pieces just like this and also antique/vintage buttons for a wedding project we're going to start soon.  I have been sworn to secrecy and I can't say anything else, so I will explain why I just absolutely had to have my chicken.

Please take a moment to read this post (and note, there is profanity if you are offended by such things. I have a bit of a terrible mouth - I see you, family and friends, rolling your eyes, you can knock it off now - and I think it's funny, but I understand that others don't):

And that's why you should learn to pick your battles

I have never been told not to bring more towels into our house, but I suspect my darling husband could be close to saying that about anything scrapbook related.  Plus, 15 YEARS IS BIG METAL CHICKENS, so maybe five years (our anniversary is in October) is now fat little glass chickens?  I don't know, but Chubby wanted to recreate Beyonce's picture:

Not quite the same effect as a big metal chicken, but it'll do.  And we drove 20 minutes back downtown to get my sweet little guy because 1) I wouldn't stop talking about him and 2) okay, I really wouldn't stop talking about him.  Much to my delight, Chubby was still there AND I discovered that Chubby was marked down too - 30% off!  The Bloggess' post really struck my funny bone, and seeing this fat little yellow chicken just made my day - I immediately remembered Beyonce', started laughing and told my sister-in-law about the post.  I couldn't just leave a great reminder like that behind, now could I?  My husband is about to walk in the door, and what am I going to say to him?


Hope we make it to October!  ;)

P.S. I really love my husband, he laughed like I hoped he would.  :)

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