Wednesday, July 13, 2011

so, do you smash?

I have a really wonderful friend who recently gave me my very own Smash Book.  What's a Smash Book?  Well, I can remember doing something like this when I was in middle school - like a combination diary/art journal that you carried with you and "smashed" random things in, like pictures, ideas, things you found and wanted to save.  K&Company released their line of Smash Books earlier this year and haven't been able to keep them in stock, so I was really happy to get one and absolutely love it!  Mine is the Doodle Red folio, rather appropriate as some friends still call me Doodle (I also named my red VW New Beetle DoodleBug):
I love that it comes with a pen that also has a glue stick on the other end, so easy to just start smashing away. There's a whole line of Smash accessories, but we wanted to add our own mods to our books so off to Michael's we went, hee (as if we needed a reason to go to Michael's, really).  I love these little envelopes, now I have a spot for coupons, tickets, etc.:
This little sticker seemed perfect for this page:
I plan to add more to this page (on the right), this is just the beginning:
My pages for shower and wedding stuff:
Upcoming Copics class!  :D
We found these great little envelopes that were themed "10 Things I Love..." about family, children, pets, travel, your life - absolutely perfect for our books, and they have little tabs in them that you can write on:

Each page is different, with some really fun designs:

There's a pocket on the back cover, but I added another one to hold my Copic marker sheet:
Last but not least, I do plan to have pages for our sweet Honey, she is so important to us; I was tickled and so happy that I found this sticker for my book!
This is a dog that avoids baths like the plague, despite being part Labrador, so I'll use the bathtime stickers somewhere else, hee.  Here's our sweet puppy:
Close enough for me!  :D  Thanks again, Dewana, for the wonderful gift, you are the best!  :D

And thanks to you for stopping by, have a blessed day!

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