Sunday, August 12, 2012

End-of-Year Teacher Gifts and New Craft Space (Again)

Well, hello!  It's a little embarrassing that I've not updated since March (first DCM weekend) and here the summer is almost over.  I have a lot to update, obviously; it's just been such a busy summer and to be honest, I'm probably one of the laziest bloggers I know.  I have grandiose plans for posts, plan out pictures and paragraphs in my head and then sit down to play "Plants vs. Zombies" and all those plans go straight out the window.  :)  I will admit to being a bit obsessed with PvZ right now, and Buglet loves to come sit on my lap to help.  Zombies are a family thing here.  Hee.

One of the biggest events is that I (again) updated my craft space.  After my first retreat at Le Retreat House in Gainesville I was having a hard time unpacking and putting everything away.  My wonderful husband apparently read my mind and said, "Let's move it into the dining room", which made him a complete hero as I had been talking to myself all the way home from retreat planning what I would say to convince him.  :D  Great minds think alike!  

So I've gone from this space: 
To this update, in the same space: 
And now, I've moved here, our former dining room.  We moved our dining room table into the kitchen where my craft area was:
Buglet's table is there so she can sit and craft with me, one of our favorite things to do.  She is slowly taking over my rolling paper tower with her own crafty stuff, and I'm perfectly happy with that; she eats breakfast there some mornings, and it's great for Play-Doh and other messy crafts.

Want a tour around the room?  :)
The top two bins are my paper collections, arranged by vendor, and you would think alphabetically, but no.  At the time I moved them I was just trying to get them into bins before a voracious foster woofie decided to eat more of my paper, but one day I'll sort through them.  Take a peek into one bin and an up close view of one of my collection sets:

I love my collections; when I'm getting ready for a crop or a retreat I just pick out my pictures that I want to scrap, put them in the kit and off I go.  It helps me not bring my entire room with me, which only overwhelms me and then I get nothing done.  Both bins are full, and I found them on sale at Target for $4.49 one week so I really stocked up on them.  What's that neato wooden box on top of that bin?  Why, that's my nifty washi tape box!  :D  I've had this box for over 20 years; I used it to hold my cassette tapes in college (in fact, when I was moving my tapes out I found the old label with my college address on it.  Definitely something for my Smash book) and I thought it would be perfect for my washi tapes.  And it is!
Obviously, I need more washi.  ;)  I'm going to ask my father-in-law if he will help me put some removable dowels in so my tapes will stay organized and easy to use.  I just love my box!

Another big event this year: I upgraded from a Cricut to a Silhouette Cameo and I love it.  Love.  It.  I arranged my laptop and Cameo station here: 
I'm using an old CD/DVD tower to hold my SU! sets and other things, it fits perfectly next to my Cameo; I've been slowly putting all of my stamps into the empty stamp cases sold by SU just to get them all in the same place: 
My Tim Holtz inks and distress stains fit perfectly into this little cabinet: 
Buglet's rolling paper tower and my Cropper Hopper paper cart:
And with my rolling chair I can simply wheel across the room to my big table to work on things.  Pretty nifty. My new space makes it easy to craft again, and my  latest project was gifts for Buglet's teachers, as she is promoting this year and leaving their room.  I saw this idea in the new Stampin' Up! catalog and fell in love with it; this was the end result:
They're not exactly the same, which I like, yet they are similar enough that I hope her teachers know just how much my husband and I appreciate their work with our daughter.  She has really grown this year and I know that they were a big part of her growth, and she just simply loves them.  Here's a close up:
Stay tuned, I'm going to try to post some of the great layouts and projects (Buglet's birthday!) that I've created with my Cameo.  My furry best friend wanted to say hello, and thank you for stopping by!  :)

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